Our Purpose

BASA is committed to assist Brazilian migrants and students to adapt and integrate to the Australian culture whilst maintaining the Brazilian cultural heritage.


10+ years
helping the Brazilan
community in SA

• Consolidate BASA image as respectful and community driven organisation
• Encourage and facilitate the network between Brazilians and Australians
• Promote and support Brazilian cultural events

Projects and Causes we fight

We are engaged in helping our community to reduce the impact of the crisis, supporting individuals and promoting the connection with organisations and projects offering assistance.
BASA can offer Foodbank SA vouchers to members of the Brazilian community on low income or experiencing financial hardship. FoodHubs have a great range of products at very low cost. E-mail your name and telephone number to BrazilianAssociationSA@hotmail.com. Even if you have already been helped, you can re-apply for assistance.

Our masks donation results

Our mask campaign for the South Australia Brazilian community provided by Health SA was successfully concluded. As a result, we donated around 720 packs totalling over 2000 masks to our local Brazilian community.

We are stronger together

We are very thankful to everyone who donated food or contributed to the campaign 'We Are Stronger Together' to help our community experiencing financial hardship during COVID pandemic.


Used to purchase food parcels and vouchers for clothing and other basic necessities.

Basic Food Basket

Delivered to members
of the community in need


Donated to buy clothes and other basic necessities.

BASA's Committee Members

Our work would not be possible without the dedication of the committee members and volunteers.


President & Secretary

Ana Lucia
Marques Britto

Vice president & Public Officer

Emilly Fanca


Ranielson Santana


We would like to say a big thank you to our volunteers and the committee members for all their hard work over the years. Thank you also for the support of community partners, organisations, government and the broad community.

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BASA is a not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers, who contribute with their time and efforts to deliver events and projects to the community. Volunteer work is highly valued in Australia and can help adding local experience and activity to your CV.

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Become a Brazilian Association of South Australia member for free and help the community. That way, we can send you regular news and updates,
job tips and opportunities, invitation to exclusive events and lots of
relevant information.

Our latest events


Festa Junina 2024

Festa Junina 2024

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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting
20th August